Summer: October - March. Temperatures range from 25°C to 30°C, with the occasional storms.

Winter: April - September. Cool and dry with temperatures ranging between 20°C - 29°C. This is the best time to visit Mozambique.
What to Bring
Passports & Visas
Import Duties
Mozambique Law
Public Holidays
Health Advice
Food & Water Precautions
Travel Directions
The most practical items to pack include:

• Light cotton trousers/shorts in summer, light shoes, hat/cap.
• Long-sleeved blouses/shirts for boat cruises, which will protect you from the sun.
• Safari trousers, jeans, or casual pants for evenings and cooler days. A fleece or sweater is required for the cool winter evenings and mornings.
• Swimwear, snorkel, mask, fins. You can bring your own or hire some from our onsite dive center (Dive Bazaruto).
• Hats, sunglasses and high factor sunscreen.
• Comfortable walking shoes and sandals to protect feet from the coral and the hot sand.
What to Bring
Citizens from SADC countries do not need a visa to visit Mozambique as long as they are visiting for 30 days or less.

All other passport holders require visas, which can be obtained from a Mozambican embassy prior to departure or at various borders and airports in Mozambique. In order to obtain a visitor visa you may be asked to show your accommodation booking.
Passports & Visas
Visitors to Mozambique may import the following items, for personal use, free of duty & tax:

• 400 cigarettes
• 1 litre of spirits
• 3 bottles of wine
• Groceries to the value of US$200 (please keep receipts)
Import Duties
Drivers must carry a valid driver's license, the original registration papers of the vehicle, and trailer registration papers (if applicable). Regardless of any insurance policies you have, all visitors must purchase Compulsory Mozambican third party insurance at the border.

The law requires all visitors to carry their passports at all times. Make at least one photocopy of your passport and all other important documents, and store them in a safe place.

It is not uncommon to be stopped at one of the police checkpoints. If you follow these basic guidelines, you should not have any problems.

• All passengers must wear seat belts at all times.
• Keep to the speed limit 40-50km/h in town and 100km/h on the open road.
• Display your emergency triangles in a visible place. Red, blue and yellow triangles are required if you are towing and need to be displayed on the front of the vehicle and back of the trailer.
Mozambique Law
1 January - New Year's Day
3 February - Heroes' Day
7 April - Women's Day
1 May - Workers' Day
25 June - Independence Day
7 September - Victory Day
25 September - Armed Forces Day
25 December - Family/Christmas Day
Public Holidays
Archipelago Resort recommends that visitors take malaria prophylactics before entering Mozambique. Please consult your doctor. It is important to complete the course as directed after leaving the malaria area. Take precautionary measures to prevent contact with mosquitoes: sleeping under a bed net, spray your accommodation with insecticide, use of mosquito repelling lotions or sticks. Wear long sleeved clothing, trousers and socks when outside at night.

There are private clinics, hospitals and pharmacies in most large towns, but carry a basic fist aid kit. Doctors expect cash payment, so ensure your medical insurance covers your trip to Mozambique.
Health Advice
The water at Archipelago Resort is safe to drink. We advise that you do not drink tap water away from the resort unless it has been boiled, filtered, or chemically disinfected.

Do not drink un-bottled beverages or drinks with ice when away from the resort. Thoroughly wash fruit and vegetables which you purchase from vendors.
Food & Water Precautions
Travel Directions
Directions from the North – (Zimbabwe to Vilanculos)
For directions from Zimbabwe, please contact

Directions from the South - (South Africa [Nelspruit/Maputo] to Vilankulos)

Vilanculos is 750km by road from Maputo and 910kms from Nelspruit to Vilanculos.
Follow the main toll road from Komatipoort through the border to Maputo. Just before entering Maputo, you turn left onto the National Road (EN1) which goes to the North (Xai-Xai, Inhambane, Vilanculos, Beira).

From this point the turn-off to Vilanculos is approximately 730 km and you will travel through Xai-Xai, Maxixe and Massinga.

At Pambarra you will find the Vilanculos turn-off (to the right). Vilanculos is 20 km from the Pambarra turn-off.

Our signs in the village will lead you to the Lodge, which lies approximately 5km south of the village.