SUMMER: October - March
WINTER: April - September

April to September:
Cool, warm and dry, a little rain is received in these months (less than 50mm a month for Maputo) and daytime temperatures on the coast range around 20*C - 29*C, while in the interior, temperatures are generally cooler (around 5*C lower). You can expect around eight hours of sunshine a day. The further north you travel, you can expect these figures to increase. This is the best time to visit Mozambique.

December to March:
Temperatures range from 25*C to 30*C, with the occasional storms.

Best Months to Visit:
The cooler, dry months, April to September, have excellent weather. November to December is normally best for birding activities. Remember summers are humid to very hot (tropical) in the north. When travelling in Mozambique, what to pack in your suitcase can be quite confusing. Below are the basics. Generally, casual comfortable clothing is suitable throughout the year.

Most practical items to pack are:

   • Light cotton trousers/shorts in summer, light shoes, hat/cap a must.
   • Long-sleeved blouses/shirts for boat cruises, which will protect you from the sun.
   • Safari trousers, jeans, or casual pants for evenings and cooler days. A fleece or             
      sweater is required for those cool winter evenings and mornings.
   • Swimwear, snorkel, mask, fins (we have these for hire - if you have your own,
      you are more than welcome to bring them)
   • Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen (a tanning lotion and high factor sunscreen for
      your face, neck, feet and hands).
   • Sandals to protect ones feet from the coral.
   • Comfortable walking shoes
   • Camera film, extra memory cards and batteries, these are difficult to find in
      Mozambique and should they be available, they will be expensive.
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